Send your employees a much needed morale boost

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Before anything else, our hearts go out to anyone who is directly and indirectly impacted by COVID19. If that’s you or a loved one, we’re thinking of you. 

Companies across the world are adjusting to the new realities of working from home. Morale, collaboration, and productivity are just a few examples of the challenges this poses. 

That’s why we’ve created a way for companies to send their employees home workstation essentials, snacks, and other necessities – to provide a bit of joy and support in these trying times. 

Support Your Employees Remotely

Offices are using OfficeLuv to accommodate WFH needs. Each employee has their own account and can shop from our extensive product catalog, tailored to working from home. The items they order will seamlessly be charged to the company and delivered straight to their door.

With additional features like Spend Limits, Order Approvals, and a Restricted Catalog, you can maintain control and visibility while providing this support for your team. 

And, if you’re looking for an easy surprise, we’ve partnered with a few great companies to offer the option of their healthy WFH Snack Kits. 


Interested in sending your team a little something to boost morale?

Whether it’s snacks, a second monitor, or specialty office supplies – we’ve got you covered. Email for more details.

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