Tired of Virtual Happy Hours? Here’s 8 Other Ways To Stay Connected Virtually

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Virtual Happy Hours have recently become more commonplace than we’d ever imagined. At the beginning of this work from home span, they were a novelty and a great way to stay connected. However, as the virtual fatigue and other stressors of the current environment ebb and flow, hosting a Virtual Happy Hour for your team can be difficult.

We’re going beyond the Virtual Happy Hour with this list of other Virtual activities you can do with your team to stay connected, upbeat, and diversified in your screen time together.

1. Add Structure

Without the ability to break into smaller groups to chit-chat, Virtual Happy Hours can often become a whole lot of silence. Add some structure with non-traditional icebreaker questions or around-the-house activities like show and tell or an MTV Cribs style tour. 

2. Play Games

If you’re used to a weekly trivia or Bingo in the office, bring it online! To get creative, build your own company-specific Bingo board or a custom trivia game. Prizes for the winners are a must! 

3. Add More Excitement

Enhance the typical happy hour by sending your team snack kits, swag, or other goodies to enjoy together. Unbox your items simultaneously for maximum fun. 

4. Virtual Tours

Take a field trip while observing shelter-in-place rules with a virtual tour. Some of our favorites include Chicago virtual tours (the best city, but we might be a little biased…) or famous museum tours, available through Google Arts and Culture. 

5. Take a Group Class

Yoga, boxing, Zumba, meditation – you name it and you can find a virtual fitness class for it. Join an existing group class as a team or reach out to a local studio to discuss private options. 

6. Start Clubs

Book club, podcast club, cooking club. Break into smaller groups based on your interests, and the conversation will have a lot less virtual lulls. Those with similar career goals, or even just looking to learn a new skill, can even take a free Coursera class together and meet up online to support each other throughout. 

7. Have a Powerpoint Party

Think “Lunch and Learn,” but shorter. Ask each team member to create a 3-minute powerpoint presentation about something they’re passionate about (and really this could be anything, like “How To Make Sourdough” or “Is Carole Baskin Guilty?”) and share with the group. 

8. Connect One-On-One

Use this time as an opportunity to connect team members who might not know each other well by scheduling one-on-one meet-ups. This can be done manually, or via an app like Donut, and is a great way to strengthen community around the virtual office. Pair up with a new buddy each week, and you’ll have more friendly faces to look forward to when we return to the office! 

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